Jewelry Makeover

Re-Set, Re-Style, Re-Juvenate your existing diamond, jewelry, gemstone or other precious pieces with us! 

Give your diamond or gemstone a new look at with Chrysella. Our Jewelry makeovers are done everyday of the week! Choose from hundreds of beautifully designed rings, earrings, and pendants that will fit your Diamond or Gemstone!

How it Works

Meet with our Experts

Choose your favorite setting

Love your new jewelry

Am I required to purchase if I schedule an appointment?

Absolutely not! Please come join in on the commitment-free fun with us and schedule your appointment today!

How long will it take to finish my new ring?

Some items are completed the same day and others may take a few days! We will do our best to rush your project if needed!

What will you do with my old ring?

You can keep it or sell it to us! We are one of the region’s largest buyers of precious metals and can pay a premium when putting the trade-in towards a purchase.

What if I don’t have a diamond or gemstone that I want to re-purpose?

We have a large collection of diamonds and gemstones for you to choose from.

What is the cost to re-set a diamond or gemstone in a new piece of jewelry!

We leave that up to you. Some settings are as little as $100 and others are more expensive depending on the specific design!