Learn What Makes a Chrysella Cut Diamond

Every Chrysella Diamond shines bright. But our Signature Chrysella Cut Diamonds are a cut above the rest.


Few diamonds in the world rival the optical beauty and brilliance of a Chrysella Cut diamond.

A Chrysella Diamond is sourced from the world’s finest rough material forged deep inside the earth’s mantle.The rough diamond is then passed along to our world class diamond cutters whom are instructed to proportion a Chrysella Cut diamond to specifications that bring out the innermost radiance and beauty a diamond could achieve. Less than 1% of all diamonds around the world meet the standard of a Chrysella Cut Diamond. From there, these diamonds are then sent to the Gemological Institute of America(GIA) to be graded and laser inscribed with the Chrysella name. 

Forged deep beneath the ground, a Chrysella Cut Diamond is naturally sourced and hand selected from the world’s finest rough.

Hand Polished by some of the worlds most skilled Diamond Cutters, instructed to meet specific proportions.

Graded by a Chrysella Gemologist and the world renowned GIA.

Placed into the worlds most beautiful jewelry…handcrafted just for you.