Pearls & Pearl Restringing

The earliest record we have of pearls as precious objects are artefacts from Mesopotamia dated to around 2300 B.C.

Our in house Pearl experts are ready to help you find the perfect strand of pearls or assist you in repairing an existing strand. We carry Fresh Water, South Sea, Tahitian, Akoya and many more types of world-class pearls. Ranging from large loose individual pearls to small and delicate pearl earrings, we have an excellent selection to choose from.

Pearl Restringing:

Whether you’re interested in strengthening an existing strand of pearls or simply modifying an existing strand, our experts can help you. Having your pearls restrung is essential to protecting your pearls. Quality pearls are strung on thin silk strands that can weaken, stretch, break and discolor over time. The occasional wearer should have their pearls restrung every 3-5 years. If you wear your pearls daily, we recommend that you have them restrung once a year